About Me

I turned solo in around 2000 after playing initially in a band at school and performing in school concerts. When I left school, the band evolved into a band which we called The Recluse.

I played rhythm guitar and sang in the band. We played a few gigs around North London and recorded a couple of demos. 

When we split up I formed another band in my late teens, early twenties. We also did a few gigs and recorded together. When this band ran its course, I started to write the bulk of my songs. At the age of 30 in 2004, I recorded my first album "Early Songs".

Most of the songs on the album came from the songs I used to sing entertaining at small parties and gatherings in my teens. The album was recorded live in the studio with just acoustic guitar and vocals.

From 2000 onwards I put myself about a bit on the acoustic circuit of London and gained valuable experience from being a regular at an acoustic club called Acoustic Trip which was run by a singer-songwriter called Ben Mitchell. Ben's unique relaxed vibe helped me evolve my solo material and was a underground success.

The other best gigs I did at this time were at the Troubadour in London Earls Court and the Kashmir Club in Marylebone.

In 2007 I recorded my second album not in London this time but in Cornwall. The second album is called "The Whole Thing" and again was recorded live in the studio with just guitar and vocals.

The third album "New Scenario" was also recorded in Cornwall with just guitar and vocals as well.

I have now moved to Cornwall and play regularly at open mic nights, as well as performing as a duo with Ged Kingsford on djembe.

All my albums are available to download on this site.

All songs are originals written by me.

Early Songs

The Whole Thing

New Scenario